About the Eat Adlib
Food Truck

The Eat Adlib Food Truck is the long awaited dream of Chef James Taihia and his wife Alicia-Kate.

They are delighted to finally roll out their exciting new venture and share their love of fresh and flavoursome food with you all.  Feeding people is a passion and a pleasure for James, whether it be for his young family, close friends, extended relatives or complete strangers.  With almost 19 years cooking experience, James loves being able to create food that makes people smile.

Eat Adlib is inspired by its definition ‘eating as much and as often as desired‘.  In their opinion, this is eating as it should be.  Great food + good company – a simple formula for an enjoyable occasion.


Let James and Alicia-Kate create an alternative catering style to suit your function and budget.  With the Eat Adlib Food Truck, that paddock, or ‘perfect spot’ you always thought would be great for a party (if only you had the means to serve food), now can be!

The Eat Adlib Food Truck is able to adapt to your needs and expectations catering to your event in the ‘adlib’ way.  Eat Adlib can take the hassle out of your next event with its self-contained kitchen on wheels, bringing catering expertise and food to you anywhere.

They look forward to seeing you at a market, event or even in the comfort of your own backyard, soon.